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The Arbours Primary Academy

We have over 390 children and we are continually improving and developing what we offer our pupils in our drive to become one of the best primaries in the area.


As in mainstream school, our classes work on the National Curriculum subjects.

We concentrate on working in different ways: using whole class teaching, small group, paired and individual approaches.

We carefully adapt our teaching so that pupils can access the curriculum and we have developed a range of techniques and strategies to ensure this.

All classes are equipped with computers and interactive whiteboards, these are used to enhance and enrich the curriculum. This includes supervised use of educational sites on the internet. We also have a range of laptop computers, used across the academy which allow many opportunities for the children’s learning, as well as for whole class ICT teaching.

Playtimes are fun as the children are able to use our well-equipped playground under the watchful eye of the supervisors. A variety of playground games are also provided such as skipping, bubbles, and bat & ball. Our extensive grounds also provide opportunities for studying the environment. Teachers support the pupils engagement at playtime.

Our classes for the academic year are as follows:


Waddell - Elise Serrell
Carle - Natasha Hollis

Reception is a very important year for the children at school and for their parents too. It is the year where we support the children in settling into busy school life and provide them with engaging and fun learning opportunities that facilitate a love for learning. In reception our learning mainly takes place through play based activities, tailored to the children’s interests. We cover a range of curriculum areas such as:

  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development
  • Physical Development
  • Communication and Language
  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Understanding the world
  • Expressive Arts and design.

Our aim in reception is to provide the foundations for children to become confident life long learners.


Donaldson 1- Kayleigh Beare

Donaldson 2 - Anne Binns

The Arbours is very much focused on continuing to ensure that each child feels safe in school and continuing to develop and guide them on the route to learning and further development. In Year 1 we work to bridge the transition from the EYFS to Key Stage One as smoothly as we can, developing every child’s knowledge, skills and confidence as best we can.


Rosen - Abbie Spence

In year 2 we focus on building the knowledge that is taught previously and ensuring that the children can apply this more confidently and independently. It is important that the children enjoy their learning and we ensure this through the teaching of a wide range of subjects with engaging activities. We aim for the children to leave year two being confident in all subjects, a particular focus on reading and ensuring that the children enter KS2 with a love of reading and being able to apply their reading skills across the curriculum.

Y3 & Y4

Dahl - Samantha Barlow
Fine - Ellie Bowes

Walliams- Sinead Staunton

It is important to have a smooth transition from KS1 to KS2. At The Arbours we work hard to ensure that each and every child is happy and confident with their move to the next key stage. As a school we encourage all children to develop their independence so that they become confident and successful learners. We teach a wide and varied curriculum that is designed to engage all of our children.

In Year 4 at The Arbours, we ensure that knowledge and skills learnt in previous years are consolidated. We teach new skills that build on these foundation blocks of learning and develop a greater sense of independence and ownership of their learning. Children are taught a wide range of subjects that help them to develop a strong knowledge base in which to progress with their education. We ensure that children are given opportunities for out of class learning through trips and visitors and that children are given the opportunity to extend their learning through exciting home projects.


Lewis - Clare Appleby
Horowitz - Angela Etheridge 

In their penultimate year with us, Year 5 have the opportunity to further consolidate the skills and knowledge that they have acquired and apply this learning in more complex and challenging tasks. The solid foundations that they have built are continually developed and deepened through our engaging and demanding curriculum. In Year 5, the children are encouraged to become more responsible for their learning and to independently apply their skills in a range of subjects in preparation for Year 6 and their future studies.


Pullman - Yvette Hackett
Morpurgo - Janet Pinnock

In their last year before moving on to secondary school, we will make sure that the Year 6 children at The Arbours are prepared for their transition, emotionally and academically.
Part of their school year will be taking the statutory end of Key Stage 2 assessments - the SATs and we work hard to make sure that they are ready to sit them confidently and leave our school ready for Year 7.
The yearly residential in the provides the children with lasting memories of their time at The Arbours Primary Academy.

Teaching Assistants

Vicki Stobart -EYFS TA
Jane Barber - EYFS TA
Dawn Pantain - EYFS TA
Rachel Geddes - Year 2 TA
Ruth Lambert - Year 2 TA
Razu Begum - Year 6 TA

Sam Cordiner – HLTA

Tiffany Hadman- HLTA
Megan Jones – ELSA
Ellen Gorman- Learning Mentor
Kerry Jefford- Family Support Worker
Jess Newton – Family Support Worker

Senior Leadership

Angela Watts- Headteacher
Elise Serrell - EYFS leader, SENCO & Assistant Headteacher
Clare Appleby- English Lead & Assistant Headteacher
Zoe Henman- Phase Lead


Miss Elise Serrell