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The Arbours Primary Academy

Our outstanding school has over 390 children and we are continually improving and developing what we offer to our pupils as one of the best primaries in the area.


Deciding which school is right for your child is one of the most important decisions parents and children have to make.

Every parent has a legal duty to ensure that every child of compulsory school age receives full time education suitable to his/her age, ability and aptitude.

If you are interested in coming to have a look around our outstanding school, we would be only too happy to help. Please contact our school office and arrange for a tour with our Headteacher, Mrs Watts. 

All admissions to our school are managed by the Local Authority where the following criteria will be used:

  1.  Pupils with a statement of Special Educational Needs, which names the school as appropriate     provision and children in public care.
  2.  Pupils with an older brother or sister continuing at the school at the time of admission of the younger   child.
  3.  Pupils who live closer to the preferred school than any other school.
  4.  Other pupils.

If the admission number is exceeded within any of these groups, priority will be given to those who live furthest from the nearest alternative school.

If you are applying for a school out of your county you must apply using the common application form provided by your home local authority, and not the local authority where the school is situated.

For all school admissions please contact School Admission Enquiries on 0300 126 7000 or visit the Northamptonshire school admissions website by clicking the links below: 

West Northants.- school-admissions

How to apply for a school place outside the normal transfer times | West Northamptonshire Council (

Information for parents about the Local Authority In Year Transfer scheme

September 2024 EYFS Admissions

Applications to apply for your child's 2024 EYFS (Reception) place open on 8th September 2023. You can apply online on Northamptonshire school admissions website or request a paper form by contacting the school admissions team. 

Staff and pupils at The Arbours Primary Academy are delighted to invite you to our EYFS Open Events to view our outstanding school on any of the following days:

Friday 13th October 2023- 9.30am

Friday 10th November 2023- 9.30am

Friday 1st December 2023- 9.30am

Friday 5th January 2024- 9.30am

If you are interested in attending any of our 4 open days, please click the link below to sign up. 

EYFS Open Days for Prospective Parents

All applications must be in by midnight on Monday 15th January 2024.

National offer day for primary schools will be on Tuesday 16th April 2024.

Apply for a primary school place

Contact The Arbours Primary Academy

Contact the school admissions team

In Year Applications

Our in year applications are managed by West Northamptonshire Council however we will be more than happy to speak with you if you have any questions about our school or if you would like to arrange a tour with Mrs Watts (Headteacher of The Arbours). 

Apply for an in year transfer  

Contact The Arbours Primary Academy


If you have been refused a place at one or more of your preferred schools, you are entitled to appeal against that decision. You are required to fill out an appeals form, details of which can be found on the West Northamptonshire Council website. Please click here to be transferred to the School Appeals page.

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