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Lunchtimes at The Arbours

Lunchtimes at The Arbours

Our children are being really well behaved in the lunch hall, or should I say the new Three Trees Carvery!

Our children decided that we should call our PE hall a different name at lunchtime so we can behave in a different way when we enter through the doors. After consultation from all classes, The Three Trees Carvery was born!

We now have menu cards that show us the values we expect to see at lunchtime and some simple rules to help keep us safe and enjoy the mealtime experience!

We have also introduced The Golden Table! This is a special where any child who has shown good behaviour at lunchtime can be seated. The children are chosen to sit at The Golden Table by their lunchtime supervisors.

In addition to this, we have also this year introduced the lunchtime superstar award. Every lunchtime, our Midday Lunchtime Supervisors nominate one child to be the lunchtime superstar because of their brilliant attitude or their brilliant behaviour and their name gets written on their class door so the whole world can know what a superstar they are!

Ask your child if they sat at The Golden Table today.

Sometimes children will refuse to eat the dinner that has been ordered for them. We will of course encourage your child to eat their dinner (or packed lunch) but we cannot force them.  We will talk to your child's teacher so they can let you know about their refusal. Sometimes Mrs Hynda may call you to let you know as well, if we feel it is becoming a regular problem.