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  • The Arbours Y4 are thinking about the colours they associate with Christmas. This is David’s abstract vision.
    12 hours 36 min ago.
  • The Arbours Leah from the Lighthouse Trust working on the colours of Christmas
    12 hours 39 min ago.
  • The Arbours Y3 are thinking about the colours of Christmas with the Lighthouse Trust
    12 hours 41 min ago.

Lunchtimes at The Arbours

Lunchtimes at The Arbours


Lunches are provided by Chartwells and are well balanced, nutritious and delicious. School lunches are booked through ParentPay.  You will need a login from  Mrs Haynes, Office Adminstor to access this service. Lunches need to be ordered by midnight on Tuesday for the following week.

Alternatively your child can bring a packed lunch to school. please ensure that this is in line with our Healthy Eating Policy and not contain sweets or fizzy drinks. 

Sometimes children will refuse to eat the dinner that has been ordered for them. We will of course encourage your child to eat their dinner (or packed lunch) but we cannot force them.  We will talk to your child's teacher so they can let you know about their refusal. Sometimes Mrs Hynda may call you to let you know as well, if we feel it is becoming a regular problem.

Lunchtime superstar award. Every lunchtime, our Midday Lunchtime Supervisors nominate one child to be the lunchtime superstar because of their brilliant attitude or their brilliant behaviour and these childrn will be awarded housepoints.