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  • The Arbours Thank you all the adults and children who made our Sports Day the best one yet! Thanks also to all the parents who came and supported it.
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  • John hall RT @johnhall103: @TheArbours finally, well done to all those who took part and for all the parental support - the best sports day ever http…
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  • John hall RT @johnhall103: @TheArbours Wow! That was a close one. Is that Denise Lewis again?
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The first class in The Arbours is very much focused on settling into our school, making sure your child feels safe and secure and getting them on the route to learning and further development. 

As in mainstream school, the classes work on the National Curriculum subjects. We concentrate on working in different ways using whole class teaching, small group, paired and individual approaches. We carefully adapt our teaching so that pupils can access the curriculum and have developed a range of techniques and strategies to ensure this.

Our classes for the 2014/2015 academic year are as follows;

Year 6 (1 class only ) Sharks, Mr John Hall

Year 5 Stingrays Miss Scarlett Merrill

Year 5 Dolphins Mr Stephen Clowes

Year 4 Manatees Miss Justine Coles and Miss Clare Appleby

Year 4 Seahorses Mr Ian Hickman

Year 3 Whales Miss Louise Armitt

Year 3 Jellyfish Mrs Laura Rainsbury

Year 2 Oysters Mrs Deborah Narciso

Year 2 Lobsters Miss Georgie Lowe

Year 1 Shrimps Miss Zoe Henman

Year 1 Sea Turtles Mrs Angela Rock (Assistant Head)

Year R Seals Mr Gareth Thomas

Year R Starfish Miss Sarah Lowe

Deputy Head Teacher Miss Janey Cooksley

Head Teacher Miss Kat Johnston

Senco  Mrs Jill Fox

All classes are equipped with computers and interactive whiteboards, which are used to enhance and enrich the curriculum. This includes supervised use of educational sites on the internet. We also have a well-equipped computer suite that we use for whole class ICT teaching. 

Playtimes are fun as the children are able to use our well-equipped playground under the watchful eye of the supervisors. A variety of playground games are also provided such as skipping, bubbles, and bat & ball. Our extensive grounds also provide opportunities for studying the environment.

To find out more about each class individually please see the menu on the left-hand side of the page.