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  • TheArbours Should you wish to book a meal, having not been able to, please call 01604 367288 and they will take your order. Many thanks.
  • TheArbours They have changed this now to reflect the fact we are open on Tuesday. However the school meal service is still locked as per their routine
  • TheArbours Nourish /school meal information. The company had locked the payment from Wednesday as they thought we were closed until then....


The first class in The Arbours is very much focused on settling into our school, making sure your child feels safe and secure and getting them on the route to learning and further development. 

As in mainstream school, the classes work on the National Curriculum subjects. We concentrate on working in different ways using whole class teaching, small group, paired and individual approaches. We carefully adapt our teaching so that pupils can access the curriculum and have developed a range of techniques and strategies to ensure this. . 

All classes are equipped with computers and interactive whiteboards, which are used to enhance and enrich the curriculum. This includes supervised use of educational sites on the internet. We also have a well-equipped computer suite that we use for whole class ICT teaching. 

Playtimes are fun as the children are able to use our well-equipped playground under the watchful eye of the supervisors. A variety of playground games are also provided such as skipping, bubbles, and bat & ball. Our extensive grounds also provide opportunities for studying the environment.