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  • The Arbours Hope that our families and pupils are enjoying the start to a safe and happy half term!
    8 hours 24 min ago.
  • The Arbours Well done to all our pupils and Mr Warren for a super marvelous Sports Day! Now to finish with the Year 6 prom...
    5 days 23 hours ago.
  • The Arbours KS2 Sports Day - all having a great time! Particular favourites, Welly Throwing and Water obstacle course!
    6 days 7 hours ago.

About Us

The Arbours Primary Academy is part of the David Ross Education Trust. We have over 390 children and we are continually improving and developing what we offer our pupils in our drive to become one of the best primaries in the area.

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Our Vision, Aims and Values

Our vision is to prepare every child for the challenges of the future by supporting them to be well prepared for life beyond primary school.  We take pride in providing strong pastoral support and nurturing relationships within our safe and caring learning environment.

Our vision to submerse our pupils in an innovative and exciting curriculum that is engaging and memorable with purposeful fun learning experiences that build self-esteem and success through reward. 

Our vision is that everyone in our community is kind, responsible and respectful to all. It is everyone’s right to feel safe, happy and cared for and at the Arbours each individual is valued and encouraged to be ambitious and aspirational.

Our Aims

  • To challenge and inspire our pupils to develop their intellectual curiosity, igniting a thirst for learning
  • To develop resilient, confident and independent learners who will take risks and learn from their mistakes.
  • To be good role models for our pupils, promoting respect and compassion for others and the world around us.
  • To motivate our pupils to aim high and celebrate their successes
  • To develop relationships with our parents to work together to support learning
  • To provide pupils with the opportunity to engage and learn about our local community and the wider world

 Our Values