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Welcome to The Arbours Primary Academy

Welcome to our school website! I hope you like it and find all the content on here useful and interesting. We will be putting lots of information up here about news, events and things that you should know about the academy and your child's time here - so please keep checking in to find out what is happening.





We're more than half way through the first term back after the Summer and we've had a very exciting and hectic time so far.

Year 6 have returned from Aberdovey , feeling inspired to put the leadership skills they've learnt and developed to the test.

The first challenge was to stand for election to be our Head Boy and Head Girl. The standard of speeches delvered to the whole school was exceptionally high and I was thrilled to see such maturity and respect on show. They certainly made actually choosing who to vote for very difficult.

I am delighted to announce the children who were elected on Tuesday to you now.

Head Girl: Maria Pop                    Deputy Head Girl: Lucy Swallow

Head Boy: Cezary Srodecki           Deputy Head Boy: Owen Goredema


A huge congratulations should also be extended to all the children that stood for election. You were all spectacular and showed courage. I know how nervous some of you were about speaking in front of the entire school. You took the results with good grace and were very pleased for the candidates who won.

I am very pleased that you accepted the positions of prefects. I know everyone will do a superb job and I very much look forward to working with you to make our school an even more special place to be!

Miss J