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Welcome to The Arbours Primary Academy

Welcome to our school website! I hope you like it and find all the content on here useful and interesting. We will be putting lots of information up here about news, events and things that you should know about the academy and your child's time here - so please keep checking in to find out what is happening.


We have started the final Summer term and what a busy term its been already! There have been trips to Salcey Forest by Year 1,shelter building at Stanwick Lakes by Year 5 and a seaside visit to Hunstanton by Year 2.

We're getting ready for a sporty term with the DRET Summer Cup and a visit to Malcolm Arnold Academy to see Andy Turner and learn some top itps from him about the world of athletics.

While we have this gorgeous weather please remember we operate a water bottle policy at school so the children can stay safely hydrated.

The water bottles we sell at school are safe to use as they have no sports cap that can damage teeth and if they tip over on to the desks they won't spill water over the children's books.

Can I ask that you check in our lost property box from time to time as there is an enormous amount of clothes in there, including coats, fleeces, jumpers and PE kits. There are also shoes, lunchboxes and items of clothing that must belong to someone. If items are named they will always find their owner. Its trickier to return if they don't have a name on them.

Thank you to all the parents who have paid in full for the residentials to Bournemouth and Aberdovey. If you have any outstanding payments, they need to be paid to the school by 1st of July. Thank you.  We are currently looking at the residentials for the next acacdemic year and will be in touch shortly about the final decisions made.

Finally, thank you to all parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, aunties and uncles that read at home with your children. We can't ever underestimate the importance of children having stories being read to to them or being readers themselves. Myself and my Senior Leadership Team are undertaking daily checks on reading logs to recognise this work you are doing and trying to encourage those who dont read to pick up a book. Please remember to sign in their reading logs when you have heard them read. I thank you for your continued support in this area.

I look forward to seeing you in and around school this term.


Miss Johnston


Head Teacher